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Jim Morrison chose a singularly appropriate place in the world to experience his calling to spirit - the high desert region of New Mexico. Called the “Land of Enchantment,” this area of the Great Southwest is rich in history, both temporal and spiritual. From the Anasazi who first populated this area, to the wealth of spiritual and religious beliefs which flourish there today, all who know this land know that it is a unique and powerful force in of itself.
The original inhabitants of the southwest region of North America practiced an ecstatic religion now known as shamanism. Like all other pre-Christian experiential religions, shamanism is as tied to the earth as it is based in spiritual experience, and for this reason, “place” is extremely important, even a defining aspect of the particular religion of any given area. And in that respect, New Mexico’s high desert is unique in all the world. Here we will explore the stunning landscape and rich history which provides the backdrop to Jim Morrison’s calling to shamanism.

I’m sure we are all familiar with the story of the fateful Morrison family trip from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. From Albuquerque, the family would have traveled east on old Route 66 (now US Route 40) to Tijeras, where they would have turned north on NM Route 14, more commonly referred to by the locals as the “Turquoise Trail.” Somewhere along this 52 mile stretch, Jim encountered the experience which would forever alter his life and his purpose - his calling to shamanism.

Coronado was the first white man to pass along the Trail, the back road connecting Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Later explorers included New Mexico's most famous frontiersman, Kit Carson, French traders, and the thousands of pioneers who trekked the Santa Fe Trail.

On the following map, you will find many links which will take you on a journey of your own, to explore photos of the stunning landscape and stories of the history of the Turquoise Trail. This is only the beginning - I will be adding more to this section over time. For more information on Jim’s unique experience with shamanism, read Evolution of the Electric Shaman: Jim Morrison’s Journey Beyond Shamanism.

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